Zero 5 Club Christmas gifts appeal

BATIAS is appealing for supporters to make a donation to our Zero 5 Club Christmas Presents appeal.

Zero 5 Club is one of the projects BATIAS runs which is held every Tuesday evening in South Ockendon.  Zero 5 has 94 members who all have a learning disability.  Whilst at the Club the members are offered a variety of activities to take part in, include playing pool, dancing, arts and crafts, table games and chatting to their friends.

After a recent burglary at the hall BATIAS is asking for donations to enable us to purchase Christmas gifts for the members.  For some of the members this gift will be the only Christmas present they receive.  BATIAS works hard to ensure each gift is personalised to the members, therefore they receive something suitable to them, for example some of the members have complex needs and they will receive sensory items.

The gifts will be distributed to the members at the annual Christmas Party on 13th December.

Please make your donation now by clicking the link below:

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