Self – Advocacy for

Older People Project

BATIAS can offer you an independent Advocate who will come into residential homes to discuss with the residents any issues that they may find difficult to express to staff or family members. Often residents do not want to bother busy staff or worry their family member.
The Advocate will visit regularly getting to know the people in your care.

Each week the group meets to discuss events, local news and any issues concerning them, the group can then provide support to one another and tackle problems together.

The Advocate Visitor services costs just £40 per session and includes written feedback. This can coincide with an established residents meeting.

Meeting regularly also forms social relationships and prevents isolation. As well as serious discussions, the group participate in fun activities such as:

Reminiscence activities; the groups look at pictures and memorabilia and share memories.

  • Quizzes
  • Craft Activities.
  • Visits from guest speakers.

For more details on the service or to get a quote please contact Kay on 01375 389869 or download our leaflet describing the service further.


Examples of reminiscence activities:

Wartime austerity lead to restrictions on the number of new clothes that people bought and the amount of fabric that clothing manufacturers could use. In Britain, clothing was strictly rationed, and the Board of Trade issued regulations for “Utility Clothes”

over 60's clothing

Can you remember your first car? Were there many cars on the road? What kind of people could afford a car? Did people have to take a test/ How old did you have to be to drive? Were there limits on drinking and driving? Did women drive years ago?

over 60's car 1       over 60's car 2


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