Formal Advocacy Service



Formal Advocacy is where a trained advocate supports a client with a specific issue or concern. This could be problems with their benefits, housing, a review of their care package or health issue.
The Advocate enables the person to make an informed choice and ensures that their voice is heard, supporting them to speak up for them selves or if they are not able to do so, speaking on their behalf.
BATIAS follows the Advocacy Charter when providing advocacy services, click this link to read the Advocacy Charter
BATIAS can be spot purchased to provide Formal Advocacy support, for more information about the services we can provide click this link
If you wish to request a service you can contact us on 01375 389869 or by email on 
BATIAS currently provides Formal Advocacy as part of the Southend Advocacy Hub to request an advocate you can contact the Hub on this website or by phone on 01702 340 566. 
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