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Easy Read Health Information

Easy read health info

Health related contacts – it is important you know who to contact and what support and services are available for you to help you stay as healthy as possible. This list has information about lots of services and support in Essex which might be helpful for you.
If you have a learning disability you can get extra support and time at your GP appointments if you are on their LD register, this leaflet tells you what support you can ask for.
Here is a template letter you can fill in and give to your GP surgery to tell them you want to be added to their LD register and what extra support you need:
Once you are on your GP’s LD register you will be invited for an Annual Health Check this leaflet tells you what to expect at this appointment and what you can do to prepare for it.
Everyone between the ages of 40 and 74 is entitled to a free NHS health check, it is important to make sure any health problems are found quickly, this leaflet tells you about the check:
When you are going to a health appointment it can be helpful to plan what you want to ask this leaflet can help you think about what questions to ask
Health Action Plans are to help you, your carers and your medical team know what your plans are to keep healthy. This is an example of a Health Action Plan:
Hospital Passports are helpful as they will tell the staff at the hospital all of the important information about you and your health, this includes how you communicate and any accommodations you need to feel more comfortable while you are at the hospital.
Blood tests are helpful for identifying lots of different health issues if you need to have a blood test this leaflet will tell you what to expect
MRI Scans are another test which is helpful for identifying different health conditions read this leaflet for information about what to expect when having an MRI scan
Breast Screening is very important and women aged between 50 and 70 should be invited every 3 years this leaflet helps explain what to expect at your screening appointment
All women over 25 are invited to come for cervical screening. Having cervical screening is a way of looking for changes down below.
having a colonoscopy is important to help diagnose a number of bowel conditions, this guide helps explain the process
Cancer of the bowel is more common in older people. this leaflet explains the test for screening for bowel cancer:
It is important for men to check their balls regularly for any changes, this leaflet shows how to check and what changes to look for:
If you have type 2 diabetes it is very important you understand how to keep healthy:
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