This company will be ceasing trading for support shortly, please contact the another local advocacy service if you still require support

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Services BATIAS can provide

BATIAS offers a variety of services including advocacy and audit provision. These are available for spot purchase by service providers or individuals with a personal budget. The cost of these will vary depending on the type of service, but the normal rate is £35 per hour.
Please complete the spot purchase initial inquiry form and return to BATIAS and a staff member will get in touch to discuss your requirements further.
download our initial inquiry form by clicking this link
or contact us by calling 01375 389869 or by email for more information
Here are examples of the types of services we could provide:
Formal Advocacy— A formal advocate to support a client with a specific issue or concern. This could be problems with their benefits, housing, a review of their care package or health issue. The Advocate enables the person to make an informed choice and ensures that their voice is heard, supporting them to speak up for themselves or if they are not able to do so, speaking on their behalf.
Audit of services— An audit team to go into a residential home or day service setting to get feedback from clients / residents about the service they are receiving and any improvements or recommendations.
Auditing Personal Budgets— An advocate to support someone applying for personal budget, setting up their personal budget, or to do a review of the services they are purchasing with their personal budget.
Travel training— An advocate to work with individuals or groups to improve their use of public transport, by gaining skills and confidence.
Self Advocacy Group facilitation— An Advocacy Facilitator to oversee a self advocacy group within a residential home or day service. Self advocacy groups can either be generic or with a specific topic for example: health issues, money skills, hate crime awareness.
Easy Read document formatting—BATIAS can reformat documents into an easy read format.
Support to apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney for yourself or a family member.