This company will be ceasing trading for support shortly, please contact the another local advocacy service if you still require support

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Here are some of the comments made by our clients, their families and other professionals:

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“After I heard the bad news I was so upset. BATIAS has been running, since the 1990s. From what I know, when the Learning Disability hospital closed down. you been running for decades. In my view, I know it’s hard to get funding, but if you can try one last time. For it too run it shouldn’t close, as it’s doing so much good. Maybe, someone can save it.”

“K has had a very good week and been on top form. She had a meeting with the advocate the other day and she said it was an amazing one. K said the advocate asked her what she wanted in life which really moved her. I’m not sure many people take the time to listen to K’s wants so that really touched her.”

“At Zero 5 club all the staff are good, they are very helpful and things I want done, like the DJ group, they help me. They do Xmas meals which are good.”

“At times when things have been challenging it’s been so helpful speaking to the advocate on the phone. She always gives you her time and returns calls or emails promptly.  Her advice is sound and practical and she always seems to have the answer. If not she’ll find out and get back to you. She seems to have endless knowledge obviously gained from years of experience.”

“Our son enjoys meeting his advocate regularly and, appreciates her friendship and support. He knows that she is fighting his corner.”

“When the other professionals involved in our son’s case were dragging their feet, his advocate would fly into action, contacting everyone bringing them together with her no nonsense approach.”

“I love coming to Zero 5 club, the staff are great!”

“When you came into our lives, we knew where we wanted to get to (My brother in independent living) but we did not know how to get there.  This was unknown territory and I felt you guided us through the process. You have been a presence in all our lives going forward and attended meetings with us to offer your knowledge and reassurance. Because you are knowledgeable in this field I have seen other professionals appreciate your input too.  I feel you were the glue that stuck us all together and put us on the right track.”

“without BATIAS’ help I would have been eating junk food, and I cannot live like that.”

“In the last year I have had to call upon BATIAS housing advocacy service to help two very vulnerable older adults.
The Advocate took the time to build up a rapport with the customers and they trust and see her as their friend. Both clients have learning difficulties and health issues, which she has been instrumental in accessing the necessary facilities for them.
The Advocate was able to get many different professionals working together and this has brought very successful outcomes. .  I cannot thank BATIAS enough, I hold them in very high regard for the service that has been provided.”


“I have personally found your support and advice invaluable as a practitioner. You supported a young man I was working with last year who had learning difficulties and as a result had found himself unfairly treated with regards to a housing situation, he was supported by his grandparents who were also at their wits ends at the time, they were suffering from ill health and really didn’t know which way to turn. With your knowledge and support the young man had a fantastic outcome in a relatively short period of time, I know his grandparents could not have got through the issues without your support. I feel that without people in the community with your knowledge and understanding around housing, situations could be very different for a number of people with learning difficulties, keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to working with you again soon. “

“at keeping safe group I have learnt how to travel by myself”

“I coordinate support for Adults with Learning Disabilities in and around the Grays area of Thurrock. Last year I was put in contact with the Housing Advocate from BATIAS when I received a request from a Customer of ours to move home. The advocate assisted in helping our Customer move which sees her now, happy and settled in a much more appropriate and convenient location. After multiple visits to our Customer the advocate’s support ensured all information surrounding a move was gathered and left our Customer feeling informed and able to make the best choice to suit her needs. The Advocate liaised with our support staff and the local housing officer and assisted in all aspects of the move along the way. She built an excellent rapport with our Customer and staff team which made the whole experience a pleasant and comfortable one with the desired outcome. Since then, I have made other referrals to BATIAS, as the advocacy help and assistance is of great need to ensure our Customers are supported to make their own choices in the safest and best possible way.”

“BATIAS staff are friendly and helpful and are easy to talk to”

“I have joint worked several cases with BATIAS’ Housing Advocate, the most recent case was to support a move for a client and I can only sing her praises. I have also recently started working with another advocate from the BATIAS and have only completed one joint visit but have been very impressed also with her and feel assured that this client is in good hands and will have a strong voice during her transition of moving.”

“For myself and my husband, BATIAS’ advocacy support has relieved us of much stress . Initially the worry of finding our grandson an appropriate place to live while still being supported by individuals other than ourselves was a daunting task.  Without BATIAS the results could have taken a very different turn and my anxieties for his mental and physical well being could have materialised.  I cannot stress enough how the support of BATIAS has improved, especially our own lives but also, I’m sure, many others that are in desperate need of help.” 

“You are such a pro-active, valued, service which goes above and beyond to make a difference. You stand head and shoulders above the rest and our clients are very lucky to have you working on their behalf and we are fortunate to work with you.”

“The Housing Advocate worked with a client who needed support with his Tenancy Agreement, his lack of understanding meant he had breached the agreement leading to him being issued a eviction notice.  The Housing Advocate was able to mediate with the Housing service on behalf of the client and get the eviction notice reversed, they have been provided with an easy read copy of the tenancy agreement so they can understand and comply, and negotiated a consistent support staff rota so the client knows who is coming to support them and when.  The client is now living happily in their home with the right support for their needs.”